Hello all,

Thank you for taking a look at these bases and rings, I'm looking to learn as much about them as I can. They came to me through a military rifle collector and comp shooter of some note who has passed on.

Any knowledge you can impart will be greatly appreciated.



I believe this to be a Redfield sniper scope base and ring set for a 1903 Springfield, but I am not certain. The set is parkerized, the base is 5.560" long, the mounting holes seem to be 4" apart on center, and the ejection port is 2.872" long. The rings inner dimension measured in the .85" range. Please Note all my measurements are made on a cheap set of calipers, and the inner dimension of the rings were taken without the split or halves being torqued down just hand pressure, so take that for what it is worth.


Parkerized, the rings inner dimension measure .84".


Appears to be another Redfield style parkerized front ring, the rings inner dimension measures .741".


A Redfield style set of rings, parkerized, the inner dimension measure .966", and as you can see Australia is stamped on each ring. The front ring's lug is adjustable and removable.


Appears to be another Redfield style rear ring, this one is blued, the rings inner dimension measures .741".


I'm guessing these are Redfield Big-Bore Target Scope Mounts, but it's a guess. The two larger ones have the letter E stamped on them, the smaller has an O.


Looks to be a parkerized set of Weaver style rings. The rings inner dimension measure .966".

Thanks again for looking, and any info you are able to share. If you came to this ling via a forum, please respond to me there, otherwise feel free to email me at fmdiy@protonmail.com